An international data storage plant in Thailand required a fire-rated roof coating system with high mechanical abrasion resistance, no VOC contents, for the restoration and waterproofing for the metal roof and concrete slab of the operation facility, utilities building and office. The total area for the project is 60,000 sq.m.

Prime application experience combined with the good quality product of Nukote ST Polyurea, project can be finished within a customer timeframe and provided the customer with a brand new roofing.

Project Polyurea Roof Coating
Location Nakornratchasrima, Thailand
Area(Sq.m.) 58,000 sq.m. of metal sheet roof and
2,000 sq.m of concrete slab
System Applied 1.5 mm of Nukote ST Polyurea for metal sheet and 2.0 mm of Nukote ST Polyurea for concrete slab
Year 2017