CentralFestival Eastville, the largest open-air shopping center in Southeast Asia which is the full scale lifestyle outdoor shopping center developed under the concept of “The Bangkok Escape”. The building has been designed with regard to energy consumption.

Prime supplied a guaranteed and long-term waterproofing solution for various areas including the underground, toilet, roof areas and planter boxes.

Project Central Festival Eastville
Location Bangkok, Thailand
Area(Sq.m.) 30,000 sq.m. of underground waterproofing membrane
30,000 sq.m. of polyurethane coating for roof slab
More than 15,000 sq.m. of waterproofing and protective coating for water tank, waste water tratement tank, toilet, and planter box
Polyurethane flooring coating for Sky Run
Polyurethane flooring coating for Bike Lane
Expansion joint waterproofing and aluminum Expansion joint cover - all area
System Applied Primiproof B300, Primiproof PW, Primiproof Cem1, Primitech Coal Tar. Primifloor RD UV, Primiseal EPA
Year 2015